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Summer Holidays Reading List for the Leader

Summer Holidays Reading List for the Leader 1

Recently a question from a client got me thinking. We were talking about the forthcoming summer holidays. He asked me which books I can recommend for him to read over this quieter time. He was specifically thinking about newer books and fresh thinking. My first thought was Lance Secretan’s book, “The Bellwether Effect”. Not only…

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Leadership Lesson from A Teenager

Leadership Lesson from A Teenager

It happened one busy Saturday morning many years ago. My son and I had stopped at Canadian Superstore to buy something. We knew exactly what we wanted, and once we found our bearings in the huge store, we headed straight there. Total male thing, totally focussed shopping! Then I noticed something. People were noticeably friendlier…

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How to Become a Master of your Time

How to Become a Master of your Time 2

“I just simply don’t have enough time to get through my day!” “I find it hard to keep up. There is no time to get all things done, let alone to work on improving myself!” “I’m constantly interrupted! My phone keeps beeping.” “I’m living on the edge of anxiety all the time. This needs to…

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What’s on your Top 10 Joy Makers list?

What's on your Top 10 Joy Makers list? 3

Recently I went through some tough emotional stuff that left me in a vulnerable space. Relationships can be brutal sometimes! Enough said. When I was in that place where you start feeling sorry for yourself; when you start feeling the tentacles of despair wrapping around your heart, I had the presence of mind to stop…

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Leadership Within Reach

Leadership training

Not all of us get the opportunity to lead a country. Or a company. Or even a team. We tend to think that this is the domain of the gifted. We are led to believe that somehow some chosen ones are destined for leadership roles, whilst other mere mortals (like ourselves perhaps?) are here to…

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Living Above “The Line”​

Living Above "The Line"​ 4

It’s tough to stay optimistic in the world we live in today! This is something that comes up a lot these days for my clients, my friends and acquaintances … and sometimes myself! Our positive vibes are constantly challenged with busyness, bad news and demands on our time that can drive us over the edge.…

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How to Sleep Better

Sleeping better

Recently an excellent speaker did the rounds through the MacKay CEO Forums I chair: Rick Tiedemann, representing Copeman Healthcare, gave us a comprehensive overview he titled, “Sleep – The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Drug”. We found it not only comprehensive, but also very practical. Feedback from the members have been that they sleep better, have more energy and are…

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