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How to Become a Master of your Time

How to Become a Master of your Time 1

“I just simply don’t have enough time to get through my day!”

“I find it hard to keep up. There is no time to get all things done, let alone to work on improving myself!”

“I’m constantly interrupted! My phone keeps beeping.”

“I’m living on the edge of anxiety all the time. This needs to stop! Too many things coming at me all the time. It used to be fun, but it’s proven to be relentless.”

Sounds familiar?

These are some of the comments I receive from busy clients and friends. They talk about this all the time. Many seem to be trapped on this endless treadmill and not only their performance suffers, but they themselves start asking whether this is a life worth living.

The good news is that there is hope. Many highly productive leaders have learnt how to become masters of their time. 

We all have the same amount of time to our disposal, so how have these industry leaders mastered the use of theirs? 

At MacKay CEO Forums we have seen the power of the shared experience. 

What follows are some resources that will help you understand how to become a master of your own time as well. Today I’m including experiences from two excellent recent presentations I was privileged to have been part of. Both not only share their own personal experience, but also highlight how this has benefitted others.


Nancy MacKay, CEO of MacKay CEO Forums, regularly presents a Time Mastery workshop, built around five strategies:

  1. Take control of your Wheel of Life
  2. Focus on Your Strengths
  3. Eliminate Ego Talk
  4. Practice Mental Toughness
  5. Use the Happiness Formula.

This presentation is chock a block full of practical examples and shared experiences. It is worth the investment in time, to work through this and adopt the strategies. I have used all five strategies not only for myself, but also for my teams and clients.


  1. You can watch the presentation here:
  2. You can download the eBook here and implement some or all of the strategies:


Colin Cox, an excellent speaker, recently made the rounds through the four MacKay Forums I chair. He uses the principles of “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and explained the system using the following main points:

  1. Perspective
  2. Control (Collect, Process/Organize, Review, Do)
  3. Your system (Construct/Modify, Populate, Work)

I adopted his system, and was able to, in only five days, clean up my act! 

A regularly cleaned-out In-Box especially changed my quality of life. I saw five huge benefits:

  1. Feelings of overwhelm disappeared.
  2. Brain space opened up.
  3. Creativity went up.
  4. Productivity improved.
  5. Client satisfaction improved.


  1. Listen to this interview with Colin and contact him for more:
  2. Read how I implemented the system and reaped the benefits:

It is an amazing feeling once you reach that place of equilibrium where you feel in control. It’s a temporary state, and you need to constantly work at it, but I can highly recommend it!

Nowadays I can act immediately on those important issue; that game changer, that may have gotten drown in the clutter of my life before.

About Nico Human

Nico Human is a results-driven Canadian business management consultant, team building coach and inspirational speaker. He advises business leaders to improve leadership skills, maximize teamwork and achieve outstanding results, whilst maintaining life balance and finding meaning in what they do.

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