Sleep Better

Tips on how to sleep better

Recently an excellent speaker did the rounds through the MacKay CEO Forums I chair: Rick Tiedemann, representing Copeman Healthcare, gave us a comprehensive overview he titled, “Sleep – The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Drug”.

We found it not only comprehensive, but also very practical. Feedback from the members have been that they sleep better, have more energy and are able to concentrate better. They have been showing up better for their families, their colleagues and their employees.

To get the complete story, please contact Rick directly. Here are my three key takeaways from the sessions:

  1. Make a nest. Create a quiet, cool (16o to 18oC), dark (blackout curtains!), peaceful (no electronics in the room, not even an alarm clock), comfortable (nice bed, good cushion and covering) haven that you keep for only calm activities. This becomes your nest to sleep in.
  2. Your body at rest. A regular, minimum 7 1/2 hour time slot in the nest. Regular exercise to work down stress. Good food; most of it early in your day. Low caffeine and alcohol in your blood when you enter the nest.
  3. Your mind at rest. No screens or bright lights the last hour before bedtime. Meditate or use other ways of slowing down your thoughts. 

I have certainly enjoyed better sleep since implementing Rick’s recommendations. The blackout curtains I installed alone has made a huge difference!

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