Nico loves to help make leaders unstoppable, fire up teams and create a better tomorrow for us all. He is the Founder President of Human Management Consulting & Coaching with more than 30 years of business experience.

He arrived in Canada in 1999 with his wife (a nurse) and two (now married) children. They became proud citizens in 2003 and delighted grandparents in 2012.

"I just love to be on this journey with my clients one-on-one or in teams. It is my privilege to help unlock their potential, to challenge them, to encourage them and to hold them accountable.

My job is not to fix anyone. It is to listen well and ask those powerful questions that get them to think deeper and wider. They are then encouraged to plan their next steps. The last step is to hold them accountable to not only achieve those, but to knock the proverbial ball out of the park!

I coach/advise/consult because it is a powerful way for me to reach my personal purpose, namely to help others find more joy in their business, family and personal lives. It starts by inspiring others to build more joyful lives, that lead to better leaders, leading better teams, that lead to better lives finding more even more joy … in a circle that keeps revolving!”

Early in his Canadian career, Nico ran BC’s first Agricultural Awareness program. This innovative program won two national awards. He has won several awards on two continents, and most recently received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in 2013. Later he became CEO of a non-profit. Later still be served as CEO of a sizeable transportation company.

Nico enjoys family outings, triathlons, long distance cycling and singing in his church’s mass choir. He loves a varied life and enriching the lives of those he gets to work with!

He is a Certified Co-active Coach and also a Certified Forum Chair with MacKay CEO Forums, currently chairing three CEO forums and two executive forums.

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Reach out and let's see how Nico can add value to your personal journey, your team and your company.