Our team truly appreciated our session last week. Your strength and wisdom shows through your faith is aligned with the principles of how we have tried to build Scamp.
We are excited about future sessions with you and will stay in touch as we move forward.

Thank you so much for the session Nico. I am still blown away by how much trust there was in that room to be able to share such personal stories and I really think we came out of the session stronger as a group.

Nico, thanks for a great day. The session exceeded everyone’s expectations. I thank you for helping Scamp become a better team. You have provided us with some much needed tools that will help us in our personal and professional growth. We will stay in touch and I look forward to our next engagement.

Nico is genuine, full of energy and humorous. He helped me to understand myself and my colleagues better and through this understanding, I know how to work effectively with the team. I feel that we have created a good awareness and goal in our team, aiming to build a high functional team to attain great achievement.

The sessions were well-planned and well-timed, covered the material well without ever feeling rushed, didn’t shy away from sensitive subjects but was always thoughtful and respectful of the individuals and the group. As individuals and as a group, we were prodded to move outside our comfort zones and in the process, we discovered trust, honesty and realistic ways to manage conflict.  I think the overall culture of the team has become more open and I look forward to building on our strengths to achieve success.

Nico’s approach to teaching us how to rise as a result of our collective strengths was uplifting and positive. Within the first week after having completed our teambuilding sessions, we people started pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone and reach for the sky. Trust is a powerful thing. Thank you for releasing people from the fear of failing!

Nico led his day long 'Getting your Team to Fire on All Eight Cylinders”' workshop for my leadership team and tailored it to our specific needs. His workshop was engaging, thoughtful and self-reflective. Nico provided tips and strategies to perfect one’s leadership skills that were both eye-opening and easy to follow. We left the workshop uplifted and inspired! We are excited to build stronger teams within the organization moving forward!

Nico, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to work with us this past weekend. You truly have been blessed with the ability to speak and teach.
I have received some great feedback from all those involved, the section on mental mastery seems to have been particularly insightful.
Keep up the good work!

Nico’s enthusiastic approach and optimism was infectious during our 6 session Trust Building workshop. His energy, insight, and ability to read and adapt to each individual’s specific style was extremely effective.

Not only did our management team become more cohesive and improve in performance, but we all grew as leaders as well. I highly recommend Nico’s workshops for your team! It really brought us together!

Nico has a unique way of getting under the hood and helping you discover those behaviours and beliefs that either support or stop you from getting what you want. He also has a great knack for linking the actions/reactions in your personal and professional life in a way that helps you see the interdependence and impact. Most importantly he recognizes the greatness within each of us and never lets you forget just how wonderful you are.