Weekly Coaching Newsletter Human Insights Nico Human

Sent out on a Friday, these quick-read mailers are meant to inspire you and plant some thoughts to consider over the weekend.

Some nuggets worth sharing. Can you see my African roots shining through? I occasionally include one or two of these in my monthly The Human Touch newsletters.


The Soft-Closing Toilet Seat
What weather do you bring into the room?
How Many Joy Seeds Are You Planting Today?
How to improve your attitude
How to run the COVID marathon
Is your attitude setting you up for success, or failure?
Are you connected to the power of a group during this crazy time?
Decisiveness Brings Joy
The Joy of Living Graciously On Time
Learning from the Deaf to Connect Well in Virtual Space
When You Hit Rock Bottom - Finding Your Way Back To Joy
Leave No One Behind
Beat Depression with the Joy brought by a Hobby
The Joy of Connection
Thanksgiving’s Gift of Three Gratitudes
Ask for help to zap the team and prevent pandemic panic
"To sap or to zap?", that is the question
The Leader’s Three Joy Duties 😊
Joy Takes Work
The Comparison Trap
Three powerful, uplifting questions
Pandemic Gift Wrap
Can You Park Your Ego?
Of Walls and Eating Popcorn
What Are Your Superpowers?
The Happiness Equation
Connecting Successfully with a ‘Difficult’ Person
STOP! Then Breathe Through Your Anxiety
More Joy When Living Your Purpose
Helping a “Below the Line” Friend
Three Punch Antidote Against Negativity Virus
We can do better than #BlackLivesMatter
Go and Be Calm!
How one CEO equipped her team to face the COVID chaos
Cultivate Mental Toughness
Leadership & Family
Three tips, three tools, three tales
Punctuality: Why it is VITALLY important.
Balancing Body, Brain and Being
Part 1 - Body
Part 2 - Brain
Part 3 - Being
Skinny Dip for Business Success
Spider Leadership Superpowers
Are you Stuck on the Treadmill?
The Power of the Commitment Circle
When Feedback Cruelty Feels like Kindness
Options when receiving Feedback
Thrive through the Threat of ExpoChange
Conspire to Disarm
Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal and You
Family Enterprise & Trust
Why Strategies Fail
The Blessings of the Team
Failure is Fun!
Canadian Leaders: Too Polite to Compete?
Is team trust in trouble?
Leadership Lessons from a Teenager